A lightweight live-banner for TS3
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A lightweight TS3 live-banner


  1. Download the repository, and move it to under the DocumentRoot of your webserver.
  2. Download the TS3-PHP-Framework (click here), and move the libaries folder to the folder of the live-banner.
  3. Open index.php, and fill the config section with the correct information.
  4. Open the Edit Virtual Server menu of your server
  5. Write web address of the banner to the Banner Gfx URL.
  6. Set Gfx invertal to 60.
  7. Set Resize to Adjust and kepp aspect ratio.

You are done! :)


  • ts3_host - the IP adress of your server
  • ts3_qport - the Query port
  • ts3_port - the Voice port
  • ts3_username - the Query username
  • ts3_password - the Query password
  • font - the font to be used on the images
  • background - the background image
  • timezone - the timezone for the clock - click here for the list
  • clockmode - 0 -> 12h, 1 -> 24h

  • debug - 0 -> off, 1 -> on | It turns off the projection of the image, and displays error messages.

Preview image